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Warranty Information

Updated 4/8/2014

Strings on a newly purchased instrument or strings purchased at and installed by The Violin Shoppe are warranted against breakage for ten (10) days.
Bows are warranted against manufacturing and material defects for thirty (30) days, not including hair loss.
Accessories and cases are warranted for six (6) months against manufacturing defects.
Repairs are warranted for six (6) months.
NO-RISK PURCHASE POLICY: Instruments may be returned within thirty (30) days if brought back in their purchased condition.

Two year buy-back policy: Instruments, not cases and bows, come with a one-time trade-in option within two years of the purchase date at full value minus refurbishing costs and subject to availability of stock, towards the purchase of an upgraded instrument.

Refurbishing costs may include, but are not limited to:

Rental warranty: The Violin Shoppe owns the rented instruments until the rental contract is ended. Normal maintenance is included.

Instruments purchased outright receive a one year warranty on material or manufacturing defects.

No warranties are given for abused instruments. No coverage is provided for stolen instruments.

Please present sales receipt when submitting a claim or trading in an instrument.

Instruments brought in for repair become the property of The Violin Shoppe if not picked up within sixty (60) days of notification of completed repairs.

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