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Rental Information

Updated 1/22/2024

Pricing (based on the purchase price)

 • Violin and viola 11"-12": $139/year or $22/month

 • Viola 13"-14"-15"-16": $149/year or $25/month

 • Cello: $329/year or $39/month

 • Bass: $460/year or $48/month

• Rent by the month or lease for a full calendar year. Three month prepayment required if renting by the month.

100% of rental payments go to ownership of the current instrument. A portion of rental payments is applied to the ownership of a different instrument.

• Rental cases/bags might be used but serviceable.

• Exchange an instrument for a larger or different one at any time.

Maintenance is included while renting.

Broken strings are replaced while renting.

• New and retroactive to current rentals: Coverage for theft by forcible entry.

• Rentals are subject to availability of instruments.

Payment Options

 • Bring cash (discount offered).

 • Send a check (discount offered).

 • Arrange automatic payment through your bank.

 • Enroll in The Violin Shoppe automatic credit/debit card withdrawal plan.

 • Either provide valid credit card info OR leave a security deposit equal to 20% of purchase price. The security deposit may be applied to ownership if you decide to buy the instrument.

• 8.75% sales tax is applied to all lease fees.

• Remember: Maintenance is always included and 100% of the rental fees are applied to ownership of the current instrument.

Year Lease Agreement Form

Monthly Rental Agreement Form