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Rental Highlights

Updated 9/10/2016

• The monthly rental fee is 9% of the purchase price.

• The initial payment is three times the normal monthly rental fee. The next payment is three months later. Up to 75% of this fee is refundable within the first three months. See the example below.

Maintenance is included while renting.

String Replacement is included while renting.

75% of rental payments go to ownership.

• Payment options: you may choose a different option at any time:

Prepay for the year and the rental fee is cut in half. See the example below.

• Exchange an instrument for a larger or different one at any time.

Rental cost examples of an instrument valued at $219:

A: Rent by the month:
9% of $219 = $19.71/month. The initial payment is 3 x $19.71 = $59.31. The next payment of $19.71 is due three months later and every month thereafter.

B: Prepay for a year: The total, one-time, up-front payment would be
4.5% of $219=$9.86/month times 12 months = $118.32

Remember: maintenance is always included and 75% of the rental fees are applied to ownership.

An 8.75% sales tax is applied to all rental fees.

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